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Transforming Communities

Through Let’s Colour community transformation programs we are developing and supporting projects which add color to people’s lives and transform communities – all across the world. Our community projects are inspired by our desire to help children, families and communities who deserve a brighter tomorrow.

We aim to provide opportunities and environments for them to learn, grow and flourish. We’re pleased to have built a long list of more than 2000 Let’s Colour community projects, donating more than 1.3 million liters of paint and we have no intention of slowing down! Take a look through some of the social project ideas and initiatives that we’re proud to have completed.

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01 - 30 Nov 2019 Brazil, Recife
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Mais Vida nos Morros – Vila do Burity

A city hall initiative to improve some poor area of Recife. We will donate the paint that can't be commercialized, and they will handle all the community contacts. The people that live in the Vila do Burity neighborhood, will paint their own houses with the help from the city hall.

01 - 30 Nov 2019 Brazil, Santos
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Pinacoteca Benedito Calixto

Revitalization of the Benedito Calixto art museum, that will receive an exposition of Daniel Gonzales, an important sculptor for the region and that has created more than 60 public monuments in São Paulo.

01 - 30 Nov 2019 United Kingdom, London
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Decoration of the Legendary Alexandra Palace in London

The community hall in Alexandra Palace will get a new purpose. It will be used by two various groups: elderly people with dementia and young people with learning difficulties. In order to execute the renovation of the space properly, there were certain challenges regarding colors Dulux had to overcome. It was necessary to come up with a color scheme which will work for both diverse groups and historic environment of the Palace. Also, the space itself is supposed to look inspiring and authentic for everyone that comes to visit it. Although the task seemed challenging, the UK color team developed a fantastic scheme which will be used for a decoration in November. The 40 strong Product Development team in R&D Slough will be painting the hall, some meeting rooms and corridor.

22 November 2019 Brazil, Sao Paolo
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Painting the gable of Casa Restaura-me

We will paint the large gable of the INSS building. Along with this action, in a joint effort with the community, we will make the painting of the local square.

23 November 2019 Brazil, Santa Maria
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Celebrating 10 years of Let’s Colour in Brazil

To celebrate our 10th anniversary of Let's Colour, we chose to transform - Lar das Vovozinhas institution. Lar das Vovozinhas is the largest asylum in the country, and it helps more than 160 elderly women in socially vulnerable situations. Furthermore, it has a long tradition of over 70 years of serving people in need.

30 November 2019 Brazil, Sao Paolo
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Revitalization of Casa Restaura-me

In a partnership with an important supplier, Dow Química, we will revitalize Casa Restaura-me that offers help to about 550 people per day. Casa Restaura-me offers people on the streets help in food and hygiene, as well as social, legal, psychological, and medical care. Furthermore, they organize sports and cultural activities.    

01 - 31 Dec 2019 Brazil, Minas Gerais
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Becos do Bairro Eldorado, Minas Gerais

The transformation of the 20 alleys in the Becos do Bairro Eldorado neighborhood will bring the joy and optimism to more than 30,000 people who circulate through these alleys on a daily basis. We have invited more than 120 artists to create an open art gallery that will make these alleys mesmerizing to look at.

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