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Let’s Colour Park Series

Can color influence our behavior in public spaces? To find out, we went into the heart of a city – the public park. There, we conducted a series of experiments, aiming to reveal how paint affects people’s behavior in simple everyday situations.

Can colors encourage sharing, guide us on the right path, or spark a sense of playfulness? Join us in our Park Series as we unravel the transformative power of paint on our lives.

The Bench Experiment

Ever noticed how people claim benches as if they were their own personal territory? They sit in the middle, occupy full benches, and take up more space than they need. But what if we paint the benches to clearly mark the seating areas? Can we create more room for everyone? Find out in the video.

The Pathway Experiment

Park pathways are meant to help people navigate and keep the landscape untouched, yet many people take shortcuts and ruin the grass. What if we add some color to these paths and draw the way out like a map? Would it put people back in line? Tune in to the video to find out!

The Playground Experiment

We know children love playgrounds, but can a splash of paint influence their choice of play? To put this to the test, we set up a regular playground and spruced up one half with vibrant colors. Curious about the outcome? Watch the video to see the result.

  • The Bench Experiment

  • The Pathway Experiment

  • The Playground Experiment

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