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Let’s Colour Calm Series

More and more people experience stress and burnout, often caused by their busy lifestyles and irregular breaks. Mental well-being has been an increasingly hot topic for years, which made us wonder - can paint make us feel better?

Inspired by “satisfying-to-watch” videos, we created a series of beautifully shot clips of paint and paint-related objects that you can watch when you feel you need a break.

Know someone who could use this today? Share it with them, and remind them to take some time off a busy day!


How satisfying can stirring be? We say immensely. The soft blue color is pleasing on its own, and gentle paint movements around the stirring stick contribute to the soothing effect. Watch the video to discover the meditative power of paint.

Brush on wood

Can a simple brush on wood help you feel better? Watching the brush slowly cover a wooden board with paint is not just calming, but also oddly enjoyable. Find out for yourself by clicking on the video.

Spinning roller

Need a break? This one-minute video might help. Besides making you take a break, watching the roller spin and make eye-pleasing splashes can help you feel relaxed and satisfied. Click on the video and let the paint do the rest.

  • Stirring

  • Brush on wood

  • Spinning roller

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