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Let’s Colour 5 Senses

Have you ever wondered how colors can affect our mood or even experienced a connection between colors and feelings? Psychology shows that colors impact us in different ways - red can stimulate our passion and positive energy, blue creates feelings of peace and security, yellow brings a sense of warmth and happiness, and so on.

But, how will color affect the mood and creativity of an artist? As the walls around the performers rotate and the colors change, we witness how their emotions get transformed - each new color is energizing them to create very different pieces inspired by the colors on the walls.


This video stars a band of three initially skeptical musicians, performing while inspired by the colors of the walls. We follow their experience and find out which color inspires sheer joy, which takes them back to underground Jazz clubs and which color feels like the calm after the storm.


This video stars a chef preparing meals inspired by our painted room. As the walls around him rotate, he prepares 5 different dishes influenced by 5 different colors, and at the same time discovers how paint can trigger memories he thought were long forgotten. Find out which color takes him back to BBQ Sundays with his dad, and which takes him to his hometown back in Mexico.


We have collaborated with a Spanish sculptor who used her hands and clay to create pieces of art influenced by the colors of our painted room. In this video you will see how her creative process and each of her five sculptures are inspired directly by the colors of the walls around her. She tells the story of paint inspiring different emotions and memories - from tender love to the free-running wild horses of the North of Spain.


We wanted to test the influence of paint and colors on our sense of smell, so this video follows two perfumers as they develop scents inspired by our five colors. As the walls were rotated around them, they set to work, crafting 5 different fragrances - each inspired by a different color.


"Vision" is an episode that explores how colors and paint can affect human vision. This video stars an American painter who created 5 different pieces of art inspired by the five colors of the walls. As the room changed colors - her mood changed, and the result was five amazing works of art.

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