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26 July 2017

Let’s Colour Walls of Connection in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The local people celebrated and embraced their diversity and uniqueness through the Let’s Colour Walls of Connection.

Indonesia, Yogyakarta
People benefiting
Liters of paint
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The local people celebrated and embraced their diversity and uniqueness through this Let’s Colour Wall of Connection.

Why Yogyakarta

MasterPeace Indonesia chose Yogyakarta due to the city’s significant historical heritage and importance for Indonesian cultural. The murals are the in area of Pakualman Pakualman, an area located in the sultanate of Yogyakarta, which hosted one of the last Javanese monarchies. However, since 1998, the governors of Pakualman are engaged in disputes over legitimacy that affected the development of the area. The club wanted to praise and celebrate the beauty of Indonesia culture in an attempt to show their countrymen that their culture should not be forgotten but cherished and promoted under the theme of ‘Unity in Diversity’. The murals are scattered around a residential area that was once allowing for the locals to participate and be inspired by the designs in their daily lives.

Students creating murals

The club chose ‘Unity in Diversity’ as the theme of the mural as it is the national motto of people in Indonesia and describes Indonesia’s unique characteristics. Students from the Art Institute of Indonesia (ISI) in Yogyakarta worked on the designs. This was an opportunity for them to display their talent and ideas. The designs reflected the way they see Indonesia and its history and culture. Around 200 students from the Art Institute worked for a few weeks on the streets of Yogyakarta along with the Director of the Institute to create the beautiful murals covering the whole neighborhood. The students were joined by the neighborhood and the press in the activation. This is their open gallery exhibition and it will inspire and delight the people of the area as much as the students were delighted to create it.

A couple of weeks, a lot of hard work, many smiles and talent produced 900 meters of inspiration! The total walls would count for 2250 square meters of walls. An entire neighborhood has turned into an open-air street art gallery. The murals praise and cherish the Indonesian culture and history, thus constantly reminding the local people of Indonesian heritage and beauty.

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Let's Colour Walls of Connection

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