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29 May 2014

Tudo de cor para Curitiba

The project involved the painting 32 Buildings on the Historical Center of Curitiba.

Brazil, Curitiba
Liters of paint

The project involved the painting 32 Buildings on the Historical Center of Curitiba.

On 29th  May, the main social environmental project of Coral Paints, the “Tudo de Cor para voce” promoted the paint renewal of 32 buildings in the historic city center, one of the most important areas of Curitiba. The project was a partnership between Coral Paints, a paint store Diprotec, Municipality of Curitiba, IPPUC – Urban Planning Research Institute of Curitiba and Cultural Foundation of Curitiba.The delivery of the project took place at 4pm between the streets Rua João Manoel (Praça João Cândido) and Barão do Cerro Azul, and also included a task force of around 30 people. To develop the design and painting of buildings, the Coral Paints supplied 8439 liters of paint Decora, Coralit Zero and Coral 3 in 1 products, colors Águas Calmas, Chamoir, Argila Queimada, Toque de Primavera, Camelo, Coral Real, Maré Noturna, Folha de Alcachofra and Rosa Irlandesa. This time, the historic center of Curitiba was chosen to receive the “Tudo de Cor para você” due to the buildings great historical and cultural importance to the city. In this edition of Design All the color for you, 10 former homeless people who participated in the painting of the place, were trained.
“The Coral Paints returns to Curitiba with the Tudo de Cor para vocêto take care of the painting of another important place in town. In addition to bringing more color to the lives of residents and frequenters of Old Town, the project aims to combat the degradation of areas and heritage sites and promote the union of citizens “Marcelo Abreu”.

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