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24 April 2018

Let’s Colour supports young people on the way to independent adulthood in Russia

In 2018, SOS Children’s Villages and Let’s Colour teamed up in Russia, organizing a wide range of activities to support young people without parental care, through the global YouthCan! program.

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In 2018, SOS Children’s Villages and AkzoNobel’s Let’s Colour teamed up in Russia, organizing a wide range of activities to support young people without parental care, through the global YouthCan! program. The project was coordinated with the help of Rabota-I center, co-partner of SOS Children’s Villages.

YouthCan! was created to help to fight youth unemployment and through the partnership in Russia, we aimed to provide career guidance and to develop practical skills to boost the employability of the young people. During the period from April to October 2018, a number of training sessions, lectures, and masterclasses were organized.

Reaching independent adulthood with the help of Let’s Colour

Once young people reach their legal adult age and leave the SOS Children’s Villages, it’s crucial for them to be capable of supporting themselves. They have to decide what profession to pursue, what they want to devote themselves to, and what goals they will set in order to become independent.

Through the program, AkzoNobel specialists enabled the young people to get acquainted with painting and other related professions. In addition the young people were coached in how to find their life mission and to set some professional and life goals.

Painting and sales skills training and training classes

We wanted to help educate the young people from the SOS Children’s Villages facilities, so we organized courses that included painting training and sales skills training. The first session was held in St. Petersburg, on April 24th, 2018. Painting training included theoretical and practical lessons and young people learned that there are a variety of painting related professions. For example, with a foundation of knowledge in painting, you can aim to become head of a construction team or a designer. It’s also possible to develop your skills in the sales area, so AkzoNobel employees shared some tips and tricks on these techniques during these training sessions.

Finding purpose in life and creating a “wish map”

Let’s Colour volunteers also took part in a St. Petersburg job fair “Career route” for graduates from SOS Children’s Villages and other orphanages. The annual event took place on April 25th, 2018, which was attended by more than 300 people. Our volunteers organized a workshop for unprivileged and disabled young people, that included painting masterclass, a lecture about finding your way in life and securing your future by getting a good education.

Besides the colorful painting masterclasses, AkzoNobel’s business coach Olga Zaytseva delivered an interactive lecture called “Mission”. During the lecture, she shared useful advice on how to find your purpose in life, identify the right profession and become a specialist in the field you choose to work in.

“This training was the most “participative” that I have experienced. It was very emotional, engaging and interactive. This is one of the most valuable projects I’ve ever taken part in”. – commented Olga.

Setting goals, working hard and making dreams come true

Young people met Olga and Let’s Colour volunteers again in September. Painting masterclass and sales skills training sessions were held at the SOS Children’s Village Lavrovo in Oryol, on Sept 4th. The following day, renovation activities took place in St. Petersburg, where the SOS Children’s Villages office was painted with the help of the young people.

On Sept 6th young people at SOS Children’s Villages Pushkin had an interactive training about achieving their goals and making their dreams become reality. With Olga’s help and instructions, they created a “wish map”, which will help them with making further plans for life and career. The same interactive training on achieving goals and creating the “wish map” was held on October 25th, in SOS Children’s Villages in Lavrovo.

The Global partnership between SOS Children’s Villages and AkzoNobel’s Let’s Colour has actively supported young people on their way to becoming independent adults in 10 countries in 2018 and will be extended to additional countries in 2019.

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