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Colorful 360° Tour

Have a unique experience of walking around the streets on the Colorful Hill!
Explore each street in different color, and click on the colorful dots to open videos & images, and find out more about the transformation effects – while walking inside the tour!
If you have a mobile phone VR headset – you can also turn on the Virtual Reality by taping the VR feature at bottom right.
After you are done, make sure to share this page with your friends.

Enjoy your exclusive stay at the Colorful Hill in Kuşadası, Turkey...

Pink street

Start off your 360° tour in the pink section to view the entire hill from the above, hear what the local children had to say about the project, and enjoy many other interesting stories.
Just click on the arrow below and experience the beautiful pink street...

Purple street

This colorful street is where you will meet a captain who makes jewelry, two sisters who will tell you why they had to take up boxing, and see how this area looked before the transformation.
Click on the arrow below and see the impact that the transformation is making on the people’s lives in the purple street...

Blue street

Walk around the blue neighborhood to learn how the people drive their bikes up these steep stairs, see the attractive transformation shots first hand, and meet the local florist who makes these streets even more colorful (if that’s even possible).
Click on the arrow below to enter the blue street...

Green street

And what can be found in the green street?
Here you will meet two young artists who teamed up with Let's Colour to bring the Colorful Hill to life, and find out if local cats feel more relaxed in the new colorful environment.
Start your green tour by clicking on the arrow below...

Yellow street

Take a walk around the yellow street and meet a man who will open the first coffee shop on the Colorful Hill, find out if a young craftsman thinks that paint can really inspire art, and learn how tourists from big cruisers can benefit to the local economy.
Just click on the arrow below and enjoy…

Orange street

Enter the orange street to meet the taxi driver who explains how the transformation changed his life, and listen how it sounds when an aspiring young musician plays his clarinet in this colorful environment.
Use the orange arrow to start your tour...

Upper street (with all colors)

Step into this street and experience ALL THE COLORS of the Colorful Hill! In each section you will find colorful characters and stories about the impact that the transformation is making on the people’s lives, and you may also enjoy a beautiful sunrise above the Colorful Hill.
Click on the arrow below to step in the middle of this colorful street...

Lower Street (work-in-progress)

This is where the entrance to the Colorful Hill is. Learn here how paint can help navigation, see what can you do with empty paint cans, and meet a lady whose voice echoes through the colorful streets.

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