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16 May 2017

Adding colours to the Social help center for people with limited abilities and old people in Moscow, Russia

According to color psychology, colors can have a surprisingly positive impact on people's emotions and behavior. Knowing this, AkzoNobel brought positivity to the center by adding color to the interior of the event hall.

Russia, Reutov (Moscow)
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According to color psychology, colors can have a surprisingly positive impact on people’s emotions and behavior. Knowing this, AkzoNobel brought positivity to the center by adding color to the interior of the event hall.

Dream room

The social help center is a cultural and hobby center for the local old people and people with limited abilities. We wanted to bring more positivity and life to it, so we added colors to its event hall that is used as a cinema, concert hall and class room. Before this, the hall had not been renovated for 9 years, but after painting, it became a real Dream room for its visitors.

We created the artistic painting “Apple Garden at dawn” with volunteer artists from the local artists’ community, employees, local old people and heroes of a national TV program. Every color was picked carefully with the goal to create a place where colors will indirectly affect emotions and behavior in a positive way.

Soothing tones and gentle colors were used to connect with the emotions of the people, and after finishing the job, the feedback suggests that that new environment positively impacts their mood each time they visit the hall now.

Other stories about colors and emotions

In Russia, Dulux added colors to the lives of the people of Sretenka a few years ago. Professionals and amateur artists joined the young and old in adding color and art to Sretenka, making it a hub of color and creativity for the whole community to enjoy.

The connection between colors and emotions is bigger than you might think. Check out our Let’s Colour surprising paint stories and learn more about this phenomenon.

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